My Darling Delilah

Letters to Sylvia

Dear Delilah, I can’t believe you’re almost six months old, the time has gone by so much faster than I remember it passing with your sister. I don’t believe I’ve even had a chance to write you a letter like I have for your sister. You were born during one of my favorite times of […]

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How We’ve Avoided Diaper Rashes & Treated Eczema – Product Guide


It seems like no matter what you do or what you think you know, from watching other mamas or having older kids yourself, little ones always have some type of skin trouble. Both of my girls are incredibly sensitive to, well, pretty much everything. My oldest is very fair skinned, blonde hair, blue eyes and […]

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Bring On Spring!

My Diary

I wanted to resurface and spend a minute sharing some updates from the past 3 months since our newest little bundle, Delilah, arrived. I have to say I have so thoroughly enjoyed having a newborn again. All throughout my pregnancy I was a bit terrified of the sleep deprivation, managing two girls when I am […]

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Welcome to the World Delilah Noelle

Letters to SylviaMotherhoodMy Diary

It’s been just over two weeks since¬†we welcomed our second baby girl into the world, Delilah Noelle. Life almost feels like a dream when I am snuggled up on the couch holding both of my babies. Sylvia has been excited from day one to meet her baby sister and hasn’t stopped wanting to hold her, […]

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Makeup Tips from an Ulta Beauty Expert


I have to admit, as a non beauty guru the thought of Ulta Beauty intimidated me. I would go in and just feel overwhelmed by all of the products and never know what to actually look at. Then a few months ago I decided to pick one product I wanted to learn about and go […]

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My Top 3 Plus Size Places to Shop Online


As a rule finding cute plus size clothing is pretty hard to do if you’re shopping in stores, at least for me here in the Berkshires. The selection I have on the racks is, for lack of a better word, tragic. Thankfully shopping online has become much easier with some fantastic stores offering great plus […]

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Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It in Your Career. Rock Social Media. by Aliza Licht

Book Reviews

It’s not often you come across a story like the one Aliza tells us in Leave Your Mark. Her journey is quite amazing in its own right but has an extra special twist when you learn about the creative things she’s done to get where she is and the way she’s always given back and […]

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Is it Wrong to Want More? – Melissa McCarthy’s New Line


Melissa McCarthy is doing some pretty important things in the world of plus-size fashion, like trying to eliminate it all together. She is a firm believer that we should not make women who wear clothes beyond a size 12 shop in an entirely different section of a store or, worse, an entirely different store. She […]

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