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Front of the birth announcement

Front of the birth announcement

This past month has been the most amazing and life changing time of my entire life. On February 6th at 9:44pm my husband and I welcomed our beautiful daughter into the world. Let me tell you that if you too are having a baby soon, I recommend to check this articles with hello, hello magazine, entertainment, entertainment news and more.

At about 6:30am on the 6th I woke up to use the bathroom like I had done 3 times previously that night, only this time when I got back in bed I started to have some cramping. Thinking to myself that this was an odd feeling that I had not felt before and remembering how uncomfortable I was the night before I started to time the cramps. After staying in bed until 7:30am I realized the cramps were coming about every 10 minutes. My husband had to work that day so he was off to work for 8am and I told him I would call him after I spoke to the doctor. I got myself up, feeling mild cramping still, and decided to shower and get ready for the day. Once the doctors office opened at 9am I called to check in. They told me to head to the hospital so I called my mom to meet me there and headed in about 10am.

Back of the birth announcement

Back of the birth announcement

When I arrived I was about 2cm dilated and 70% effaced so the nurse told me to do a bit of walking before they decided if I was going to stay or be sent home. The contractions started to get a bit closer together and much much stronger. After about an hour of walking the doctor came in to check me and said I was now 4cm dilated and 100% effaced with my water about to break. The doctor decided to break my water at about noon time and that is when it hit me…. this was really going to happen right then.

I called my husband and he left work to come to the hospital. I was full of excitement and terror as I laid in bed with the contractions continuously getting closer together and more intense. There really are now words to describe the pain, my pain management technique was a cold washcloth that I put over my face and around my neck during a contraction to help distract me from the pain. The scariest part for me was thinking about pushing. The contractions were so painful but I was terrified of what would happen when it came time to push.

At about 9pm I was fully dilated and ready to help my beautiful baby girl make her way into the world. It was quite an overwhelming experience but at 9:44pm my daughter was born and put into my arms. She cried a little but was so alert with her big beautiful eyes wide open taking it all in. There are no words to describe how I felt at that moment, the word love does not do those feelings justice.  Just a few minutes after she was born I was able to bond even more with her during her first feeding. I am incredibly proud of myself for doing so well with breast feeding and I really enjoy the special connection we have when she nurses.

Sylvia 1 week old

Sylvia 1 week old

We have been home for about 2 and a half weeks now and we are slowly developing a routine and working on getting some sleep. The first week I probably got 14 hours of sleep total, it is amazing the things your body will do to take care of your child. We are getting better with actually going to bed and sleeping for a couple of hours before waking up to nurse and change diapers.

I feel so blessed to have given birth to such a perfect little girl and to have this time home with my family. I am working on taking off my pregnancy weight and working on getting a new wardrobe that better suits mommyhood but stays true to my style. I am struggling most with shoes, I just LOVE my heels but they are not safe or practical for carrying around a newborn, especially in the winter time.

Thank you to all of you that have reached out to congratulate us and see how we are doing. I hope to get back to my blog soon and share some of my stories of motherhood and my new found fashion with you!

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