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Letters to Sylvia
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kaitlynandsylviaDear Sylvia,

You are growing so fast, mommy can hardly believe how much you learn every day. You are 6 months old and so fully of joy, everyone always tells mommy and daddy what a happy baby girl you are. You slept through the night last night for the first time in many months, I think the both of us really needed it!

You are starting to master the art of sitting up on your own, however you really like to reach for everything and end up falling forward with a big smile on your face. You have been trying to get your knees under you as well, before we know it you will be an unstoppable force tearing through the house.

Mommy and daddy are so excited to be officially buying our own home in exactly one week from tomorrow. We want nothing more than to give you your own space to grow up in that is safe, full of kids to play with and will be a great places to ride your bike when you are older. We will be spending a lot of time with our home in complete chaos soon but I know your smile will keep us motivated to get it all done.

sleeping angelSolid foods have also found their way into your life recently. Your very first food ever was broccoli, you seemed to have mixed reviews but ultimately really enjoyed it. You’ve also had some delicious avocado and carrots which you seemed to enjoy as well. Mommy tried something called baby-led weaning where you would just munch on strips of solid food, however my anxiety got the best of me so we have switched to a nifty little mesh net that allows you to munch and mommy to rest assured that there will be no choking.

You have been such a blessing in our lives, mommy could sit there and watch you sleep for hours. You have the sweetest face and tiniest hands that you love to put on mommy’s lips as you fall asleep. Being your mom has been the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. I can’t seem to get enough quality time with you. Even when I am away for a short time I am counting down the seconds until I can kiss your face, see your smile and hear your laugh. We love to sit on the couch and read together, sometimes I will just tickle and sing to you while we listen to music. You are my heart baby girl, my little lady bug, my silver bell, my everything.

sylviachanelSWe have gotten to spend some time at Windsor Castle with your Bonne Maman and Papa Doug, they both just adore you. Bonne Maman calls you “mon petit chou” which is a loving french term meaning “my little cabbage”. She sings to you in french and you just watch her with a smile. You also have a new cousin named Milo. Your uncle Jamie, whom you love, had a baby boy last month. We are all so excited to meet him soon.


Daddy still loves to dance for you and it never fails to make you laugh. He will also read you stories and splash in your little tub during bath time. We all really love sports, you seem to be so fascinated and excited by all of the action. Mommy and daddy are excited to find out which sport will be your favorite and what activities you will be most interested in.

Six months has passed since we first set eyes on you, and somehow we continue to fall more and more in love with every second that passes. Just when my heart feels like it might explode you find a way to make it even bigger. We love you Sylvia Chanel, you are absolutely perfect.

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