Life Proves Once Again; Some Things Actually Do Happen for a Reason

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IMG_7518I’ve been MIA here on my blog, which I sort of knew was inevitable. I know the formula for a successful blog, and I can teach anyone how to run a successful blog, but somehow I can’t quite force myself to follow my own advice. Thankfully I am not trying to run a “successful” blog, right? This space was created as a place for me to write, mostly unfiltered, about whatever I decide to talk about.

One of the main reasons I have taken a small leave of absence was due to starting a new job on the 1st of April. This is the part that explains the title of this post. Although I was upset and not sure why things had happened the way they did, I now know that I was meant to land my job at Cranwell Resort, Spa and Golf Club. I am truly enjoying every day I go to work, the hours allow me to have full benefits but also an extra day each week with my daughter, my own office to be able to close the door and work in peace, and a fantastic group of people that always seem to be in a great mood. It’s a much shorter commute and a place I can see myself being happy for a long time. I’ve been able to take over all social media efforts, launch a blog, and slowly integrate myself into the more traditional aspects of the marketing world.

I am also working on a couple of other projects which are really exciting. I have a great little freelance business called Pierce Social, Blog Trends recently got a full rebrand (that looks AMAZING by the way), and I am over the moon excited to be booking some spring mini sessions for Kaitlyn Marie Photography. I am a truly blessed and grateful woman. With that, I’ll leave you with a couple of pre-Mother’s Day photos from a little shoot I did with my baby girl yesterday and her Easter photo shoot that we did on Easter Sunday. Enjoy!

Mommy & Me

Easter Sunday

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