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Letters to Sylvia
July 31, 2014 / By / Post a Comment

Sylvia and her Daddy spotting a plane.

Dear Sylvia,

It’s been a few months since I last wrote to you. I find that I really enjoy taking the time to sit down and write these letters to you because it gives me a chance to really step back and be amazed by everything you have accomplished in such a short time. Every single day with you is completely new, I never know what else you will discover or learn to do and it makes every day so exciting.

Since the beginning of spring you have really become a pro at walking and talking. Not only do you love to sing with mommy, you will often sing all by yourself when you wake up in the morning. You’re favorite letters of the alphabet are “E-F-G” or “eee-efff-geee” as you so sweetly sing it. You also have mastered the “row, row, row” part of Row Row Row Your Boat and parts of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Just since June we’ve visited the Eric Carle Museum where we got to read stories and play with some animals, The Berkshire Museum for their fabulous Butterflies opening, Tanglewood where we spent the afternoon running around and exploring and a couple of car shows with Daddy.

You’ve also been able to meet so much of your family this summer which has been an extra special treat for us all. We got to visit Grumpa and all of the Pierce clan during our annual family reunion where we played in the sand on the beach, ate some delicious food, sang songs and sent our wish boats across the lake at sunset. We also took a trip to Connecticut for a beautiful Wedding. We met some of your cousins who all just adored you and you got to meet your aunts and uncles. We spent late nights laughing and catching up until we all finally fell asleep in our room. You had a wonderful time and slept like an angel.

Our summer has also been filled with time spent outside in our garden and running around in the big open field down the street from out house. Most nights after dinner we take a walk down and kick the ball and throw frisbees. Yesterday we flew a kite and you were so excited. Daddy had to run a lot because there wasn’t much wind but it didn’t matter much to you, you just loved to see the colors of the kite blowing around.

I just love the time we spend in the car in the morning talking. Sometimes you have so much to say (or sing!) and other mornings you listen while mommy talks to you. Life couldn’t be more perfect thanks to you and your daddy. Every day we have together is a blessing and I make sure that is the first thing I remember when I wake up each morning. You are growing so quickly and I couldn’t be more proud of you my little Lady Bug <3.

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