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It seems like no matter what you do or what you think you know, from watching other mamas or having older kids yourself, little ones always have some type of skin trouble. Both of my girls are incredibly sensitive to, well, pretty much everything. My oldest is very fair skinned, blonde hair, blue eyes and oh-so Irish looking like her daddy. My newest addition who just turned 4 months old has more of my olive skin tone and coloring but has actually had more skin issues than my first.

From the very beginning Delilah (aka Lilah Bean) developed some baby acne on her cheeks and even on her head. Like a good breastfeeding mama who believes breast milk pretty much cures everything I put some on the affected areas a couple of times a day. It didn’t seem to help much and the skin developed more dry red patches which made me believe it was actually eczema as well. Thankfully I had some experience with this because Sylvia would get a few spots here and there when she was younger and I found some products that helped us a lot.

Sylvia also never had a diaper rash. She would occasionally get a bit sore from particularly acidic poops but never a true diaper rash. I personally think a lot of that had to do with how often I changed her, but more importantly the diapers and wipes we used. Here are my recommendations for must-have products to help prevent and heal skin irritation in your little ones.


Honest Company Diapers & Wipes

During my first pregnancy I had some time to read up on a few things. One thing that struck me was what goes into a lot of diapers. Now, if you use Target brand diapers or any other brand and they work for you that is great, no judgement here, but I wanted to share my own take on this. As a female who has dealt with pads and tampons since I was a young girl I know how sick you can get from tampons (toxic shock syndrome) and how uncomfortable it can be. Thankfully we only have to deal with this for about a week each month, however your little one sits in a diaper 24/7. For that reason it was important to me to find a diaper that avoided a lot of the extra chemicals and fragrances that are in many diapers. I figured if my baby was going to have this against her skin all day and night I wanted the least amount of things that could irritate her skin in them. I had ready Jessica Alba’s book, The Honest Life and a lot of things in there really felt right for my lifestyle. She was just launching The Honest Company so I jumped on board and never looked back. We get a monthly diaper bundle and I grab bath products and household items as needed from Target.


California Baby Eczema Cream & Body Wash

After I had Sylvia we spent her first summer in the water. She had her first swimming lessons around 6 months and it was after that she first developed Eczema. Thankfully hers was not that bad but breast milk wasn’t helping it much. I did some research and, again because of my desire to limit fragrances and other toxins, I opted for a more natural product with great reviews. The California Baby Eczema Cream worked so well for us. Overnight the skin was much less dry and red and was healed all together by the following day. It is an expensive option at around $30 a bottle but it lasted for a while for us.

When Lilah came along she has dealt with a lot more eczema than her sister ever did. Even the Honest Company body wash didn’t keep her from breaking out and reacting. I found out that California Baby makes an eczema body wash and I decided to try that. Immediately I saw a different. I bathe her with that and put some of the cream on after and her skin is very clear now. Since dealing with her eczema she is such a happy girl. I think sometimes as parents we get focused on bigger things when they are upset, like fevers, hunger, teeth, etc. and we forget to think about the fact they may just have an itch! I know if I was itchy all day and unable to deal with it I’d be pretty upset too!

I am sure there are lots of great new products on the market to help with all sorts of baby skin troubles but these are some of my favorite. I’ve only been a mom for a little over 3 years now but I feel like I have an eternity of knowledge I’ve accumulated along the way!


To help me continue to have time to write these posts I sometimes include affiliate links when I share a product or service I personally love to use. I do earn a small commission when you use these links to purchase something but that in no way influences my opinions of what I share with you here.


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