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Letters to Sylvia
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Dear Delilah,

I can’t believe you’re almost six months old, the time has gone by so much faster than I remember it passing with your sister. I don’t believe I’ve even had a chance to write you a letter like I have for your sister. You were born during one of my favorite times of year but also one of the most hectic. I so cherished being able to sit by our Christmas tree feeling you kick and hiccup waiting for the day you’d arrive. That day was so special, full of excitement for me, not just because I’d get to meet you, but because you would make Sylvia a big sister. I could not wait to see the look on her face when she would first meet you. We are so lucky to have had our friend Amy there to take some beautiful photos of those moments as well as the first few moments of your life outside of the womb.

The minute you were born the first thing I noticed was that you too had a birthmark on the tip of your nose and the corner of your eyes, just like your big sister. They are called stork bites so they will eventually fade but I just love them. The second thing everyone else quickly noticed was how much you look like your mama. I have spent so much time hearing how much your sister looks just like daddy that it was nice to hear how much you look like me. Of course you also look very much like your beautiful big sister.

You spent a bit of time in the beginning quite unhappy. We think your poor little belly bothered you. Thankfully by 8 weeks you were growing out of that and turned into such a happy baby girl. You never stop smiling and you just LOVE to talk. You make the funniest sounds in such a deep voice for such a little lady. You roll over from your back to your belly but still refuse to roll back again. You found your little feet about 3 weeks ago and you just can’t get enough of them. You love to grab onto them when you’re happy and when you’re mad. You have some trouble sitting up on your own because those tiny toes are just too enticing and you always reach for them.

You will be starting solid food in about a week which we are excited about. Sylvia insists you call her “sissy” which is adorable, and she is always asking if it’s time for you to have “big people food” yet. You are a chunky, smiley, sweet baby girl and I am so proud of everything that you do. I am so cherishing all of the moments I have with you, especially the times at night when we fall asleep together after you nurse. I know I should put you back in bed but sometimes I just want to cuddle you. You are growing so fast and I somehow manage to love you more and more every day. I am the luckiest mom in the world to be able to call you and Sylvia my daughters. Mommy loves you both more than words.

With so much love,

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