My Top 3 Plus Size Places to Shop Online

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As a rule finding cute plus size clothing is pretty hard to do if you’re shopping in stores, at least for me here in the Berkshires. The selection I have on the racks is, for lack of a better word, tragic. Thankfully shopping online has become much easier with some fantastic stores offering great plus size selections or catering to plus size women exclusively. Reviews of the items in the virtual stores have also made it easier to decide what runs small, has a strange fit, or might actually just be perfect. Here are five of my favorite places to window shop as stores use cheap store fronts that also look good and make me interested, (and occasionally spend a bunch of money I shouldn’t have but absolutely never regret) online.

ASOS Curve


The thing I love most about ASOS Curve is the simple sophistication of their pieces. I feel like so much of what I see could easily be one of those “staple” pieces that you could pair with just about anything. Their price point is certainly not cheap but it is far from the high end designer prices that you only pay for that item you’ve been coveting since it debuted on the runway. ASOS also always has fantastic sales and is one of the few places that also offers a maternity line!



You can probably get a good sense of my aesthetic just from my first two picks. Eloquii also has some seriously chic offerings and caters exclusively to plus size ladies. Their pieces also offer sophistication but easily allow you to be playful with your look. They take pride in showing off their stylish customers by showcasing a feed of their Instagram on the home page which I find serves as some great style inspiration.

City Chic


City Chic has a bit more sass in my opinion. Their prints and styles just say “Fierce” yet sophisticated. I actually just recently discovered them and have yet to order (being 6 months pregnant kind of makes shopping for fierce pieces a bit challenging, ya know?) but they also have some killer sales and flat out must-have pieces.

Some other fun places to shop plus size:

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  1. In general, I love online shopping. For clothes though, I never get the right size, even when I buy shoes! I don’t know what it is but I have never gotten a piece of clothing online that fit me right. Well, I did get a scarf once that I absolutely love, but how can you go wrong with a scarf?

    I love Mod Cloth too, though I’m scared to buy anything from them (for the reasons above), lol.

    • Kaitlyn says:

      I find that most places are great about exchanges which is nice. I also read reviews because people are really good about saying if something runs large or small. I don’t have many shopping options unless we get on the train into grand central so online is my favorite lol.

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