I’m a bit of a free spirit, never really feeling quite like I belong. Life as I know it has always proven to me that hard work pays off and nothing is impossible.

I have grown up with the web and watched social media grow into the omnipotent force it has become. I’ve been able to turn these lifelong obsessions into a career focused on helping businesses reach audiences in a new way.

Mohawks and Lilacs perfectly describes the chaotic and beautiful blend of hard and soft, tough and delicate, and the edgy and reserved nature of my personality. These conflicting, yet eclectic, traits are best represented by the variety of music you will find in my playlist. On any given day it may start with some Dead Kennedy’s, flip to one of my favorite songs by the Backstreet Boys, get loud with the air guitar to As Blood Runs Black, before mellowing out with the not-so-mellow Symphony No.9.

My Life… My Everything…

Photo by Sparkling Footsteps Photography

Photo by Sparkling Footsteps Photography

In 2011 I married my best friend. The day was inspired by my love of classic and vintage style. The wedding and reception took place at the very historic and beautiful Ventfort Hall in Lenox, MA on a rainy autumn day. We both love to laugh, enjoy the stranger things in life, and couldn’t be a better balance of calm and anxious (me being the latter).

On Feburary 6th, 2013 my daughter was born. There are few, if any, things in life that can compare to seeing your baby for the first time. You spend the better part of 40 weeks dreaming of what that will feel like, what they will look like, and how your life will change. I now known there is nothing that could have prepared me for the emotions I would experience as a mother. My daughter has truly changed the meaning of the word “love” for me.


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First I thank you for stopping by. This blog is written from my own personal point of view and everything written here is the opinion of myself only. These are not the opinions of any company or project I am associated with. This is a place for me to just be myself, so if you know me from day to day life please be advised you may or may not like everything you read! With that said, I invite you to comment and discuss anything I share with you here, enjoy!

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